What is a Research Group?

Each year the Institute hosts approximately 40 fellows. Fellows of the Institute are members of Collaborative Research Groups that convene for a period of up to ten months. In any given year the Institute hosts three to four Collaborative Research Groups, composed of scholars from Israel and abroad in comparatively equal proportions.

A wide range of disciplines has been represented by the Research Groups hosted at the Institute. Fellows of the Institute participate in the IIAS programs, free of their normal teaching obligations and administrative duties. Any scholar may submit a proposed topic for a research group along with the names of those who will be part of the group.

Research groups are composed of five to eight fellows as well as additional guests. The Institute attracts scholars who constitute the vanguard in their various disciplines.

By encouraging long-term interaction, the Institute contributes to the interchange of knowledge and the vitality of academic life in Israel and throughout the world.

Research Group Activities and Responsibilities 

During its period of residency, the RG must conduct activities and participate in events relating to the RG’s research topic, in accordance with a program approved in advance by the IIAS. These shall include but not be limited to:

A Weekly Seminar - Each RG must hold weekly seminars and the times must be coordinated in advance with the IIAS. Seminars may be open to guests, closed or by invitation only.

RG Conference - Each RG must hold one public conference/workshop, which must be coordinated in advance with the IIAS. The IIAS funds the conference (up to $10,000) and provides logistical assistance and coordination of the conference. RG Organizers are requested to seek additional sources of funding where necessary.

Workshops outside the IIAS - RGs must hold one or two workshops outside the IIAS and HUJI, mainly with graduate students and postdocs. The IIAS provides logistical assistance and coordination of the workshops.

Outreach Lecture - Each RG must give at least one outreach lecture by a Fellow or Visiting Scholar. IIAS provides logistical assistance and coordination of the lecture and help with publicity for the lecture.

IIAS and RG Events - Fellows must participate in formal, social and cultural events organized by the IIAS (such as the Bruno award ceremony, fellow tours, movie screenings and so on).

RG dinner – Each RG is entitled to one dinner at a restaurant in Jerusalem. Dinner expenses for the Fellows are covered by the IIAS, subject to HUJI regulations. Spouses/partners of the Fellows are invited at their own expense. IIAS provides logistical assistance and coordination of the dinner.

RG tour – In the event that Fellows propose a tour (relevant or not to the topic of their RG) as part of their RG activities, the RG Organizer will submit a budget and proposal to the IIAS. If the tour is approved, IIAS will assist with approved expenses, ideas and logistical assistance (such as bus, food, guide and so on).

Reports - The Organizer must submit periodic reports as requested by IIAS, a conference report (within 10 working days of completion of the conference), and a final report (by the end of the POR). Fellows must submit a personal reflection report to the IIAS before completion of their Fellowship.

Publications - The academic results of the RGs remain the full property of the Fellows. However, all publications, presentations, awards and other outputs (RG Products) resulting from the RGs are required to be branded “Supported by the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies”.

The Fellows must update the IIAS about the RG Products and send to the IIAS a digital and hard copy of the RG Products within one month of their publication or presentation. Additionally, the Fellow will include IIAS Branding in lectures, seminars, and conferences where he or she presents RG Products. When presenting at another institute during the Fellowship, a Fellow is required to mention their current status as an IIAS Fellow.

Each RG is eligible for IIAS funding of up to $5,000 for an RG joint publication. This funding is available for three years from the beginning of the RG POR.

RG Reunion Meeting - RGs interested in holding a reunion meeting are invited to do so within 2 years from the end of their residency. The reunion must be approved and coordinated in advance with the IIAS. The IIAS funds the meeting (up to $7000) and provides logistical assistance and coordination. RG Organizers are requested to seek additional sources of funding, where necessary.




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