Molecular Medicine in the Service of Mankind: Towards the 2000s

[RG #82] Molecular Medicine in the Service of Mankind: Towards the 2000s

November 1, 2000 - January 31, 2001


Alexander Levitzki (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The group on molecular medicine focused on the role of the new developments in molecular biology and biochemistry in the revolution in medicine which is now taking place. These new developments, including the publication of the human genome, create new opportunities for the improvement of human health. The group's work will concentrate on the ramifications of these technological revolutions for new approaches to the treatment of various cancers and other diseases in which cellular communications fail. 

The group will focus primarily on the molecular mechanisms of cell signaling, that is, how cells communicate between themselves and how cells transmit information into the cell. The group will also explore ways to remedy the aberrations in these communication networks which occur in the course of disease. The knowledge of how cell communication works will allow the development of novel therapies.